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Swimming season ends on a high

Posted: 31-Mar-2021

The GSV Swimming Season comprises two Carnivals and a Finals Evening.

  • The Preliminary Carnival is to decide what division each school is in (44 OLMC students attended).
  • The Championship Carnival is to decide which swimmers from each school within their division will go on and compete at the Finals Evening. Ribbons are awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd (37 OLMC students attended).
  • Finals Evening is where the top competitors from all schools are invited to compete against each other (no divisions), and medals are awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd (12 OLMC students attended).

At the Championship Swimming Carnival on 23 March, our Year 9s and 12s swept the pool, being placed in the top three in all but one event! All swimming teams had some nail-biting races, particularly the Year 9 Relay Team, who came in as runners up to first place by a mere 16 split seconds! A wonderful effort by all involved.

Congratulations to the 12 girls who qualified and competed at the GSV Swimming Finals Evening on Tuesday 30 March. The College had three girls finish on the Podium in individual races (Sofia P - 2nd place, Amelia V - 3rd place, and Olivia N - 2nd place). We also had our Year 12 Medley Relay Team finish 2nd – well done to Millie C, Eliza B, Zoe B and Olivia N. 

Overall the swimming program at OLMC in Term 1 has been a terrific success. Everyone is eager (after some well deserved rest) to get back in the pool in 2022 and try their hardest. Hopefully OLMC will come out on top of those challenging, nail-biting races next year! 

Finally, the College extends a big thank you and farewell to our Year 12 swimmers – Olivia, Eliza, Millie, Lucy, Zoe, Caitlin and Lucy – for their domination in the pool over the years and their six-year commitment to the OLMC Swimming Program. They will be dearly missed in 2020.





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