Mission and Vision


Our Lady of Mercy College Heidelberg, founded in 1910, is a Catholic Secondary Girls' College and is a ministry of Mercy Education Ltd. The College’s vision and work are inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and guided by the example of Mary  and the charism of Catherine McAuley.

We are a community of learners where excellence is pursued in all we do and where relationships are nurtured to enable individual growth and a sense of belonging for all. We empower our girls to be women of joy, courage and compassion who retain an enduring commitment to God's vision of mercy and justice for all.

Our Vision for OLMC Girls

They will be awakened to the life-giving traditions of the Catholic faith.
They will recognise their own and others' innate dignity and humanity.
They will be independent, active and curious learners.
They will be encouraged, supported, challenged and heard.
They will engage in respectful and authentic discernment about the scripts of their lives.

Living Our Mission - Our Values


We seek to:
  • Extend hospitality to all
  • Respect the dignity of each person
  • Respect the sacredness of the earth and nature
  • Act for justice in our College, local and global communities


We seek to:
  • Embrace life recognising our strengths, limitations and possibilities
  • Promote perseverance and risk taking in learning
  • Be a College community where all are encouraged to reflect and grow
  • Live authentically guided by the values taught by Jesus


We seek to:
  • Nurture generosity of heart and a spirit of kindness
  • Understand others and respond to them in times of need
  • Know the power of forgiveness and offer this to others


We seek to:
  • Embrace moments of grace and beauty in our world
  • Share and celebrate as a community
  • Bring energy and enthusiasm to all that we do
  • Awaken in students the awe and wonder that will lead to life long learning


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