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Parents' Association: Key Commitments and Activities

The Parents' Association is an integral part of the OLMC Community and all College Parents and Guardians are members and are encouraged to attend meetings and join the Committee.

Community is an important part of life at OLMC and one of the main aims of the Parents' Association is to provide opportunities for parents to get to know one another and build on community engagement. We know that the best outcomes for student learning occur when the partnership between school and home is strong. Feeling part of the community and knowing other parents can be a key aspect in that partnership.

The Parents' Association of OLMC provides opportunities to the College community to come together to socialise and work together in the following areas - Fundraising, Social and Hospitality, Community Spirit and Support.

Fundraising is used to provide social events that encourage daughters, mothers, fathers, guardians and families to participate in various OLMC community events. The majority of funds are given to the College for improvements and resources that benefit all students.

In recent years, fundraising activities have included Trivia Nights, Comedy Nights, Bunnings BBQs and the Lucky Fees Raffle.


The Parents' Association also provides hospitality for the College's various information and social functions including:

  • Opening Mass for Year 7
  • Mothers' and Fathers' Day events
  • School Production events
  • Year 12 Welcome Breakfast.

Community Care Committee

The Parents' Association provides support to families of our community who have experienced the loss or sickness of a family member. We look after our families through difficult times.

New Members Welcome

The Parents’ Association is always looking for new members. If other commitments preclude membership, any offers of support through other means is always welcomed.

Our Meetings

The Parents’ Association provides opportunities for parents to meet and become involved in the school community. All new parents are welcome to come along to the Parents' Association Meetings that are held monthly in Abe’s Lounge. Please check the College Calendar for the scheduled dates.

OLMC PA Constitution

Our Lady Of Mercy College Heidelberg Parents' Association (OLMC PA) is a group of parents, staff members and friends of OLMC. Membership confers the right to attend general meetings of the Parents' Association and join the General Committee.

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