Last Friday 31 March OLMC celebrated Eco Justice Day.

Living out the eighth Work of Mercy, our aim was to raise awareness about the little things that we can do at school that make a big difference to our planet. Thus, following Pope Francis’ invitation in Laudato Si – to care for our common home, the Earth, and its poor.

We asked all students to bring in ‘Nude Food’ to not only reduce the amount of plastic wasted on the day, but to inspire students to think about long-lasting ways to reduce, re-use and recycle.

The students rose to the challenge. Every student that brought in Nude Food received a token to swap at the Eco Justice Fair at lunchtime.

The most popular activities were ‘decorate your own eco-cookie’ and ‘paint terracotta pot and plant a succulent’. The Fair was designed and run by Term 1 Horizon Students.

Congratulations to 7AAP who brought in 25 Nude Food Lunches on Friday morning. They received a classroom plant and certificate for their great efforts.

Students who brought in Keep Cups were able to have them filled for free with hot chocolate by the VCE VM students.

A huge thank you to the Social Justice Club, Term 1 Horizon students and VCE VM students as well as all Pastoral Leaders and staff for their great support.

As Mercy people, it was a great opportunity to celebrate the little differences we can make together as we care for our Common Home.

Lauren Marquet
Social Justice Coordinator