Judith Weir

This is the first newsletter of Term 2. A very big welcome back to everyone. We hope that you all had a great break and a wonderful Easter spent with family and friends. We also hope that it was a time to rest and rejuvenate ready for all that is ahead. The Easter Liturgy held on our first day back was led by our students from Year 7 to 12. Congratulations must go to all who were involved; it was a wonderful liturgy. Easter brings with it the hope of the Resurrection. As we embrace our own personal hopes, we are also reflecting on how we are called to share our hope. We remember those who are struggling to find hope, who are living with war, poverty and displacement and pray that they find peace.

Last night it was with great joy that the Parents' Association hosted the annual Mother’s Day celebration. We were delighted that so many students, mums, grandmothers and significant women were able to join us to celebrate the joy of motherhood. The liturgy was beautifully led by Shane Taylor and a number of students. It was very moving to be part of the blessing of mothers by the students present. There was great conversation, wonderful food and lots of fun. Congratulations and thanks must go to the Parents' Association for their hard work and commitment to such a successful and important community event.

The next few weeks are busy for students in the OLMC calendar. Next week the student leaders are holding the annual Dare to Donate. This year we are raising money for McAuley Community Services for Women. It is so fitting that coming into Mother’s Day the students have chosen this as the charity they are supporting. McAuley Community Services for Women provides much needed accommodation and support for women and children who are homeless and victims of domestic violence. Dare to Donate sees teachers asked to commit to a dare set by students. Each dare has a fundraising target and will only be performed if that target is reached. It is an important way that OLMC can work together to support others in the community who need our help.

The OLMC Athletics Carnival will be held next week, weather permitting. Once again it will be exciting to be engaging in something where we are all free to participate. If the Swimming Carnival is any indication, it will be a great day for all students regardless of the events in which they are involved. It is another important chance for Houses to come together.

As you are no doubt aware there was some easing of restrictions over the break. I have included an outline of some of the changes that apply at OLMC for your information.

Screening requirements
Students and staff who have tested positive for COVID-19, and have completed their 7-day isolation period, now do not need to undertake rapid antigen test (RAT) screening for 12 weeks after their release from isolation.

Household contacts
Students and staff who are household contacts of a COVID-19 case are no longer required to quarantine. They can return to school as long as they undertake rapid antigen tests (RAT) 5 times within their 7-day period and wear face masks indoors if they are aged 8 and above unless they have a valid exemption.

If any household contact returns a positive RAT result during this period, they must isolate for 7 days and not attend school.

RAT screening program extension reminder
The supply of RATs will continue for the first 4 weeks of this term. The screening recommendations remain the same:

  • mainstream schools – recommended to test at home twice a week

Tests for the next fortnight will be distributed this week. A reminder that students who are ill should not attend school. Thank you to everyone for doing your part to help with the management of COVID-19 at OLMC.

Not all of us are able to celebrate with our mothers or significant women who have helped nurture us in our journey, this weekend. However, our hope is that there is a space to reflect with gratitude on the people in our lives who have helped form us. The blessing shared at the Parents’ Association Mother’s Day event is shared with you in this newsletter.