Every new school year, we have the honour of welcoming our Year 7 students to our four College Houses - Carmel, Loreto, McAuley and Mercy.

On Tuesday 31 January our Senior House Captains presented our Year 7s with their House T-Shirts, a token that they will wear throughout their schooling journey. Each House is represented by a different colour, bringing about a sense of belonging and healthy competition. Loreto are the blue team, known for their creativity and kindness. Carmel is the green House, who are often referred to as Carmelites and are known for their dominance in House Swimming and amazing shout-outs to their peers. Mercy is team yellow, with our pastoral rooms known as the Mercy Hive; a space buzzing with students of many talents. McAuley is the red team and love the stage, putting in some amazing performances at House Arts in 2022.

Our House system allows students to connect across year levels, where they build relationships with peers outside of their year level. This reflects and prepares our students for the real world, beyond our school’s wall where they need to work with people of different ages. Being a part of a House gives students the opportunity to build collaboration and teamwork skills through participation in whole school events such as House Swimming, Arts, Debating and Athletics. As our students participate and cheer on peers in these events, they build a sense of belonging, identity and camaraderie. Individual participation is recognised through our Colours program, which also contributes to the overall House trophy.

We cannot wait to see the many ways our new Year 7s will contribute their talents to co-curricular life at the College. Sometimes getting involved can be a little bit daunting, but the rewards and connections made far outweigh the risk. You never know - you might just meet your future BFF in that club or GSV sport!

Jemma Banfield, Felicia Taine, Hayley Gamble Curran, Kathryn Williams and Deb Daly
House Coordinators