After careful consideration and rigorous debate our final Caldow collection artists have been selected for our 2022 exhibition. The Caldow Collection is an annual exhibition of exemplary, creative student work from the previous Year. This year 41 outstanding Visual Artworks, Media Projects and Graphic Presentations are on display in the Administration Corridor.

Staff and visitors have immediately been drawn to the images on display, perhaps none more so than Ebony Rose’s striking portrait of her English Springer Spaniel Nessie, which sadly passed away earlier last year. Ebony created her painting in spite of numerous COVID-related disruptions. The painting is replete with vivid details and lifelike textures.

Once current COVID restrictions ease we hope to invite the community to come and celebrate the outstanding work of these talented artists and creators. We are so proud of their talents and hard work.

Mark Jenkinson
Design, Art and Technology Learning Leader
Adrian Stojkovich
Design, Art and Technology Assistant