Tiffany M. (8MKY), Hannah K. (8MKY) and Alice F. (8BHO) were selected to join 14 other middle school student applicants from across the state to take part in the global RMIT Spacecraft Exploration Challenge at RMIT from 4 July to 9 July. Working in teams of four they learnt about spacecraft design, interplanetary navigation, orbital mechanics, remote sensing, atmospheric entry and landing, surface exploration and habitat construction on a hostile planet. The teams were mentored by experts including astronauts, scientists and engineers who are directly involved in ongoing missions. Congratulations Tiffany, Hannah and Alice on your initiative in putting together a video applications for this extraordinary opportunity.

Hannah and I both had heaps of fun during the week-long program. It was a very busy competition. We were also both fortunate to be placed within the 'A team' with two other students. Hannah and I also received a few awards and prizes during the awards ceremony on Sunday.

The team we were in (The Supernovas), placed third globally within our league (middle school) and placed fourth globally with all the leagues included. As mentioned earlier we created a team video that won and also came runners up for our team mission patch that can be viewed (attached). We also received a perfect score of 100 for one of the challenging tasks that required us to make a habitable base. We received an award for this too.

I also received runners-up globally for the 'Most Alien Planet' award. This award was given for our description and the way we designed our very own planet.

In addition to this, we had to pleasure of receiving lectures from people like Dr. Greg Chamitoff, Terry Virts, Todd Barber, Dr Gregory H. Johnson, Vera Mulyani and Ben Morrell. These people work at NASA or are former astronauts.

We had a really fun and busy week!
Tiffany M. (8MKY)

I had a team of two girls and two boys, Jeremy, Shaan, Sienna, and myself. After much debate we ended up settling for the team name 'Allstars'. Although I think 'Space Girls' would have been a much better fit.

We designed a spaceship, made a planet, planned an orbit, landed a spacecraft, built a habitat and searched for materials on the planet. My favorite part was building a habitat, designing a spaceship, and having fun with my new friends.

Although wrapping your head around spaceship mechanics can be difficult, my team helped me through it all and I couldn't have done it without them.
Alice F. (8BHO)

Susan Long
Science Learning Leader

Spacecraft Platform
Habitat Builder
Space Mission Patch
Supernovas Space Craft Creation