After a busy term and a chilly Winter camp, the Horizon Term has come to an end for 9LDA and 9GGL.

This term, as part of the program, students worked on a term-long research task called the Inquiry-Based Learning Project. Students worked in groups of three to formulate a question to explore relating to a topic or issue in society. A key part of the project was conducting primary research. This included interviews, surveys, data counts and observation. Students were expected to undertake at least two forms of primary research in addressing their question, as well as review secondary research from existing sources. The students created knowledge that is based on both their secondary and primary research, with the aim of pitching a proposed ‘solution’ at the end of the term.

On Tuesday 25 June, the Horizon students participated in the IBL Expo Evening. This was an opportunity for the students to present their research, findings and proposals on the topic they have been exploring. This was a special occasion as it was the first time we were able to invite families to watch their presentations since 2019. The Horizon students rose to the occasion by delivering interesting and engaging presentations and displays, making it a successful evening. The Horizon teachers would like to congratulate them on their efforts this term.

Gabby Tabban
Horizon Coordinator