Both Year 8 and 10 Science classes are immersing themselves in chemistry this term. Year 8s are focusing on elements and their properties, completing a creative product as part of their investigation. By Year 10, the emphasis is on chemical compounds and reactions, including reaction types and energetics. This is a great example of how the Victorian Curriculum is designed to build upon the study of previous years so students are well prepared for embarking on their VCE studies in Science and beyond.

For Year 10s looking at subject selection, they will have seen that Environmental Science is being introduced in 2024 as Units 1 and 2, with Units 3 and 4 commencing in 2025. In some ways, Environmental Science is a good extension from Geography and it is closer to the old Biology study, with an emphasis on ecosystems and the movement of energy around the world. Truly interdisciplinary science and absolutely relevant to the contemporary problems of climate, pollution, agriculture and land use, the subject is a great segue into environmental engineering fields, pure and applied science and agriculture.

Our Year 7s began the term with a really exciting visit by the Wild Action team who brought a range of animals, including birds, reptiles, amphibians and some precious Australian mammals – a Rufus Bettong, a tiny, tiny Pygmy Possum and an Eastern Grey joey. It is an extraordinary privilege for us to be able to see and touch our native animals and it helps to remind everyone that our animals and plants are our national heritage and we should do everything we can to protect them – including turning off unnecessary outdoor lights to help Bogong Moths navigate to the high country more effectively.

Susan Long
Science Learning Leader