Unit 3&4 Physical Education students have been busy using the knowledge from their theoretical units to complete their Unit 4 Reflective Folio SAC.

They participated in five different training sessions of Fartlek, HIIT, Resistance, Plyometric and Flexibility training. The SAC required students to complete the practical session and then answer questions focusing on the components of the session, the training method completed and the implementation of training principles to the fitness components being undertaken.

Here is what some of the students had to say about their experience:

In our flexibility (yoga) lesson we were taught balance, breathing and different types of stretching. It was great to have this practical experience to draw on before completing our SAC. The yoga instructor was very motivating and engaging and provided us with a fun but challenging workout.

In PE we’ve been learning about a variety of different training methods and putting them into practice. Completing the practical in the same lesson as our SAC has been really useful as it makes the class more engaging and allows us to have a better understanding of what we are being assessed on. It also makes the subject a lot more enjoyable as we get to workout with our friends and help relieve some of the Year 12 stress!

Teresa Cerra and Madeline Omizzolo
Acting Health and Physical Education Learning Leaders