On Wednesday 24 August approximately 90 students and staff headed across to Nalleijerring Centre/Mercedes Hogan Theatre (MHT) for three days of intense rehearsals and team based activities.

It was wonderful to hear music coming from all areas of the building and the improvement which was evident at the end of each rehearsal was amazing. As well as playing music for up to 6 hours a day, the girls took part in some team building exercises to increase their self-confidence and to make some new friends in a safe environment.

Some of the activities included creating a team costume out of newspaper, a lip sync battle, a talent show and a just dance tournament.

The Year 12 students celebrated their final music camp with a dress up of ‘popstars’ for their final dinner at camp. The girls were given scrumptious meals across the three days with the highlight being a food truck dinner and a KFC lunch.

Whilst the girls were at first disappointed that their camp had moved location, by the end of the three days many expressed how much fun they had had and how much they felt they had grown as musicians across the three days. Their positivity made the three days a delight to organise and lead.

We look forward to sharing their learnings and talents with you and the wider community at ‘Magical Moments’ the 2022 OLMC Celebration Concert to be held on Monday 5 September at 7:00pm in Nalleijerring Centre.

We hope you can join us for a wonderful celebration of all their work.

Jo-Anne Mileto
Instrumental Music Coordinator