The Betty Amsden Youth Scholarship Course

The Betty Amsden Youth Scholarship Course is a week of drama workshops at the famous Melbourne Theatre Company.

This course provides an opportunity for young people to develop their drama skills and gain confidence, whilst building friendships and a passion for theatre.

This year our Year 10 student Emily B. (CSGP) was accepted into this fantastic course.

Emily's reflection:

I got a scholarship for this course called the Betty Amsden Youth Scholarship Course 2022. It took place during the first week of the holidays at the Southbank Theatre, also known as MTC. It was a five-day course.
I had to wake up at 7:30am to get the train at 8:30am from Nunawading station, and from there the train would take me to Flinders Street Station at around about 9:15 am. I would have to walk 15 minutes to MTC. We did not start everything until 10:00am.
The first workshop we did was Welcome & Ensemble Building. The second workshop that we did was physical theatre. After lunch, we did storytelling. I told a very interesting story, then it was another break and the last workshop we did was composition.
During the next few days, we had guest artists come in and we did improvisation and brainstorming. The days also included physical theatre, lunch, creative writing, more composition, rehearsal and we watched a play that went on at MTC called SLAP. BANG. KISS. We also had dinner there, we had yummy pizza. It was good.
On the last day we started with rehearsals, tech/dress rehearsal, pre show/warm up, and then we started our performance. We did Taylah’s story of how she got bullied by her big friend group, since it was her story she was herself and I was one of the bullies.
We could invite teachers to come, so the teachers that came were Ms. Boemo and Ms. Burke. I was backstage and I peeked my head out. I saw Ms. Boemo and when the show was over everyone started to cry. Then we said goodbye to everyone I went out to go see my Nan and Papa and I said hello to Ms. Bomeo and Ms. Burke.
At the end of each of the days at MTC we had to summarise our experiences in three words.
My three words of my experience at MTC are “Made New Friends”.
So here is a little challenge for you to try with your friends or family. Can you try to summarise your day in three words?

Hayley Gamble-Curran
Year 10 Drama Teacher