On Thursday 26 October, Curriculum Coordinator Mr Andrew Gibson and myself accompanied a small but enthusiastic group of students to the inaugural Careers for Net Zero Fair, a joint initiative powered by the Clean Energy Council and Energy Efficiency Council. With jobs relating to a ‘clean’ economy estimated to be around two million by the year 2050 globally, the Fair highlighted the multitude of jobs in industries beyond the stereotypical ‘hard hat’ roles.

Students heard from keynote speakers including the Premier of Victoria - the Hon. Jacinta Allen MP, Federal Minister for Skills and Training - the Hon. Brendan O’Connor MP and Boundless Earth Chair - Mike Cannon-Brookes along with a panel focusing on future opportunities from LinkedIn, Jobs & Skills Australia, CPB Construction, AI Group and the Australian Power Institute. Students were inspired by the scale of roles which will see opportunities in the green economy be at the cutting edge of policy, law, technology, science, environment, finance and construction. The event highlighted predictions that for every fossil fuel job lost, as has been seen in every age of development and transition, more than two clean energy jobs are expected to be created.

As well as these seminars, which offered great scope for reflection and imagination, students spent time speaking with various exhibitors about employment, training, projects, processes and a plethora of other opportunities related to their own future goals.

‘My favourite aspect of the day was the engaging discussions I had with many people from different companies. I didn't realise that my hopes to have a career in graphic design or business could tie into a Net Zero career!

Alana P, 10CSGP

‘As someone interested in design, communications, and education as possible career paths, the speeches, panel discussion, and diverse group of stalls encouraged me to think that there is a way to make a difference in these industries, not just in STEM areas.’

Bethany H, 11LRJO

‘I found it inspiring as someone looking to go into the electrical industry, that there is a big push for making women, and other marginalised communities, feel more welcome in the workplace. The Careers for Net Zero Fair was really beneficial to me as someone passionate about the environment, that my career path will have a place [in supporting this cause].’

Niamh C, 11LJVA

‘The Careers for Net Zero Fair was so useful for me in choosing how I might want to spend my time after school pursuing and trying to achieve . . . there are thousands of engineers and electricians needed to fulfil the Net Zero commitment, and reassured me that my career goal of being an engineer will still be viable when I finish studying.’

Charlotte W, 10MECO

For students or others within our community interested in learning more about the employment possibilities related to the green economy, please see the following links:

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Melinda Williams
Careers Coordinator