Year 8 Dance Incursion Semester 2 for Dance Around the World

Year students studying Dance in Semester 2 participated in an incursion with a guest dance teacher on Thursday 3 November.

Students have been learning different dance styles from around the world, including African, Bollywood, Salsa dance, Classical Ballet, Balinese and Social Dance.

Dagago from the Nikki Visaj Movement inspired the students with exciting contemporary and fun Bollywood and African dance movements and sequences.

Students were also given some insight into the history of both cultural dance styles. With new inspiring dance choreography, the Year 8 Dance students will now be able to choreograph a dance routine that demonstrates three chosen cultural dance styles for their assessment next week.

It was impressive watching 100 Year 8 students all participate with enthusiasm in the dance incursion. They all thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.

In Year 10 Music this semester, we have been looking at 20th Century music and breaking the boundaries. This included listening to multiple unique and unusual pieces, with silence, pianos plunged in water, interpretations of comics using voice, impressionism and serialism.

Listening to them was both amusing and interesting, exposing us to a whole new genre of music. This also aligns with our assessment for this term, in which many of us composed and arranged our own pieces based on 20th Century music. This was difficult as it stretched our musical knowledge and challenged us to think outside the box. However, we enjoyed having the opportunity to compose/arrange and perform abstract music.

We were also pretty happy with the end result.
Isa S. Year 10 (AGLE), Neha M. Year 10 (CMSM) and Giulia C. Year 10 (CCTR)

Madalena Broadbent
Performing Arts Learning Leader