To finish off 2023, we asked our Term 4 Horizon students to share their thoughts on the program and what they enjoyed the most. These are some of their responses.

‘During this term, I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Smoothie Challenge, where I had the chance to be innovative in marketing our brand. The experience was marked by experimenting with flavours, textures, and presentations to create a standout product. Collaborating with a committed group added to the enjoyment, as we worked together to make our presentation both informative and entertaining. The challenge not only allowed me to explore my creative side but also taught me valuable lessons in teamwork and effective communication, skills I plan to apply in future marketing endeavours.’- Aprila D 9ACH

‘This term the best thing about Horizon has been the friendships I have made along the way. Horizon has allowed me to interact with many different people and learn how to be independent when going on trail days. These trail days not only allowed me to have fun but also gave me an insight into life skills and the independence to work alone.’ – Ava C 9TLA

‘In my opinion the best things about Horizon were the trail days. My personal favourite trail day was Engage Melbourne. I found it really fun to walk around with my friends and solve questions. I also really enjoyed camp! Caving was really fun and engaging, despite the dirty clothes. I also really enjoyed abseiling, commando and Master Chef. Everyone got involved and gave everything a try including myself. I also enjoyed IBL. It was really fun to research my topic with my group and interesting to learn new things about it too.’ – Isabella L 9ACH

‘The best thing about this term in Horizon, in my opinion, was the camp. The camp was a surreal experience and I genuinely believe it was the best three days of my life. The activities were lots of fun and forced us to work together and bond which at the time, I didn't even notice. I spoke to people I had never spoken to before and made connections with people I once knew nothing about. The competitive game of musical chairs and the night-time disco party were moments that I will never forget.’ – Lynn G 9ACH

‘Camp was one of the best things I did in Horizon and was one of the best camps I’ve been on. It was a good time to become closer with new people. Before I went on this camp, I was dreading the idea of it and was debating if I even wanted to go. Most of the activities that we were doing were the last things I would want to do, like caving and abseiling. I ended up doing all the activities and it was one of the best memories that I got to share with my friends.’ – Mia N 9TLA

‘I really enjoyed Horizon. The hands-on experiences, life skills and logistical application areas of Horizon were quite helpful and something I will take into my adult life. Budgeting activities were realistic and taught me how to handle money. My favourite moments from the whole term came from the three days at camp. There were unique opportunities to try things we probably would never have the chance to again.’ – Hannah W 9ACH

‘My favourite part about Horizon this term has been camp. I really enjoyed participating in the bike ride and other activities. My favourite activity was the commando course. I created lots of great memories with friends and I got to know the people in my class a lot better by doing activities as a group. I also developed my communication skills on this camp.’ - Lucy S 9TLA

‘The best thing about Horizon this term was the Trail Days especially the Old Melbourne Jail. I had always wanted to go and found it an extremely fun experience with friends. I found it fascinating learning about Melbourne history and enjoyed walking around the grounds. Overall, it was an extremely enjoyable day and I had a great time.’ - Ava O 9TLA

‘Camp was the best thing about Horizon for me. I learnt about independence with cooking our own meals and resilience, as I had to learn to be a bit uncomfortable and had to get through the day. On camp I witnessed the most intense game of musical chairs, challenged my fears by abseiling and caving, and had an amazing time.’ - Georgia R 9TLA

‘The best thing was 100% going on camp because you could be with your friends and all the activities were thrilling and out of everyone’s comfort zone. It was by far the best camp I've been on as I felt independent and had the most fun!’ - Olivia D 9ACH

‘The best thing about Horizon was the camp. I ended up trying new things that I will probably never end up doing in my life ever again, and made connections with people I never thought I would get along with. Participating in group activities and giving everything 100% was what made it fun and enjoyable.’ – Ava L 9ACH

‘IBL - I really liked researching my topic and coming up with a solution. It gave me a feeling of more independence and the IBL assessments are quite different from anything else I've done previously.’ – Imogen S 9ACH

Gabrielle Tabban
Horizon Coordinator