The Languages Learning Area staff welcome all language students back to school for an exciting year of language learning. We especially welcome the Year 7 students who have begun classes in either Italian, French or Japanese. We wish the Year 7 students and all of our language students the best of luck on their language learning journey in 2024.

Bocca Al Lupo! Bonne Chance! Ganbatte!

Year 7 Languages

The Year 7 students have now had a few weeks of learning a new language, or in the case for some students, continuing their learning from primary school. The Year 7 Italian students have been busy learning how to introduce themselves in Italian and how to use some common greetings. Here are some thoughts from the Year 7 Italian students on their language journey so far at OLMC:

I really enjoy being introduced to Education Perfect and our Italian conversation practice on greetings we can use with our new classmates.’

Gemma S (7RTH)

I like how we play games that are fun but they also teach us how to speak Italian.’

Molly F (7AAP)

At OLMC I can learn Italian at a pace that I am comfortable with.’

Adele L (7RTH)

In 2024 we are excited to recommence overseas exchanges that have not occurred since 2019. These exchanges will provide our students with the opportunities to interact in their target language and culture beyond the classroom. Please read below about some of these activities.

French Long-Term Exchange

Amelie V in Year 12 recently returned from a language exchange organised privately by Southern Cross Cultural Exchange over the Summer holidays to France. She lived with a typical French family, attended the local high school, explored the Brittany region during the Christmas holidays and soaked up the culture, food and habits of French life. This is what she had to say about her experience:

A highlight was definitely celebrating Christmas in Winter in a different style to what I'm used to, as well as eating an endless amount of traditional foods and dishes local to the region such as fondue. It was an incredible experience which has enhanced my language skills, as well as broadening my cultural knowledge of France. It was an opportunity that has left me with lifelong memories and connections around the world.’

Amelie V (12CPSE)

Japanese Exchanges

In April this year 23 students from OLMC will be participating in a Japan Study Tour. The group will firstly spend some time travelling to some well-known sights before making their way to Akita City to visit Seirei High School, OLMC’s Japanese sister school. During the week at the school our students will do home-stays and participate in language and culture lessons. Through this they will be able to experience everyday school and family life. The group are currently having weekly lunchtime meetings in preparation and are very excited! Below is a quote from one of our participating students.

‘I am excited to utilise my knowledge of the Japanese language learned over the years at OLMC. Japanese language and culture are just some of the things that I will be able to learn more about in Japan. I am also really excited about meeting the students from our sister school, creating new friendships and memories with them.’

Allegra M (11AASE)

Another exciting event that will occur in late July is when OLMC’s Japanese sister school, Seirei High School will visit OLMC. The Japanese students will be experiencing OLMC life during their one-week visit whilst doing home-stays with our families. There will be further information about this exchange in an upcoming Newsletter.

New Caledonia Study Tour

A French Study Tour will occur in late June. A group of OLMC students will experience French culture in the tropical setting of French-speaking New Caledonia. This will be a wonderful opportunity for them to expand their knowledge of the French language and culture.

James Stavretis
Languages Learning Leader