And the new school year has begun!

Welcome to all the new Year 7 students and staff at OLMC, and to the rest of the OLMC community, welcome back to another year full of fun and exciting events! We hope you are all well-rested to start 2023 off with a bang.

The 2023 Year 12 Student Leadership Team has worked collaboratively together these last few weeks, especially to promote our 2023 religious college theme of ‘And, who is my neighbour?’ from the Gospel of Luke 10:29. We decided on this theme after many deliberations and finally came to the conclusion that this year we need to focus on how we need to look out for not just our friends, but our peers, colleagues and the community as a whole. And so this quote from Luke fitted perfectly into the vision we have for this year. We want everyone to feel included and embraced in our community, especially those who have joined us this year.

As our theme was about inclusivity, the OLMC Club Expo that occurred on Friday 10 February acknowledged this idea. Many clubs like Elite Dance, Drama Club, Makerspace, Camera Club were involved in inviting new neighbours to their clubs. It was a very successful day that encouraged many students to try something new whilst also allowing them to meet new people.

Speaking of encouragement and motivation, we would like to acknowledge the students who stepped out of their comfort zone and put their hands up to nominate themselves for their year level’s position on the Student Representative Council (SRC) for 2023. There were so many sign-ups for SRC across all year levels, which shows how strong and courageous students are here at OLMC. As forms have been submitted and interviews have been conducted, over the next week there will be speeches from these brave individuals, in front of each of their year-level groups. The members of the SRC will then be decided upon a vote by their peers. We wish good luck to all candidates and know that if you do not get the position, there are plenty of other leadership opportunities here at OLMC, including the Year 9 House Vice-Captains. The House Vice-Captain roles were introduced only in these last few years to provide guidance to the House Captains and promote our House events here at OLMC to the younger year levels. Interviews will be held next week, and once again will go to a vote by Year 9 students.

Upcoming events for the OLMC community include our International Woman’s Day Breakfast which will be held on the Wednesday 8 March, as well as the famous House Swimming Carnival on the Friday 10 March. Let the best house win!

Laetitia D. and Milana L.
2023 Communications Captains