Physical Education Units 3 and 4

On Wednesday 6 March, Units 3 and 4 Physical Education students took part in an incursion run by METS Performance Consulting. Students observed their classmates undertake two laboratory tests, the VO2 Max Test and a 30 Second Wingate Anaerobic Test. An exercise physiologist from METS explained these tests and made important real-life links to the study design while inviting questions from our students. Congratulations to Holly C (11AJGU) and Annabel B (12CCTR) who carried out these challenging tests for us and also to the Physical Education students for their engagement and in-depth questions during the session.

Alicia McHugh
Teacher – Health and Physical Education Teacher

Year 7 Aquatics Excursions

This term, Year 7 HPE classes have been participating in water safety sessions at Ivanhoe Aquatic Centre. During the one-hour sessions, students receive instruction on the significance of water safety, hazard recognition, and measures to avoid accidents. The sessions are designed to enhance their water confidence and equip them with lifelong knowledge and skills.

Teresa Cerra
Health & Physical Education Learning Leader