On Monday 15 April, I was invited to give a presentation on the Year 9 Horizon Program to the teaching staff at John Paul College. The theme of their Professional Learning Day was ‘Around the World in Education Trends’ and had a focus on what they can learn from other schools. I highlighted the way in which we run the Horizon Program here at OLMC. I discussed the valuable knowledge and skills that our students develop throughout the term and the positive impact it has on student engagement.

The presentation was an opportunity for collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Collaboration among schools allows us to learn from each other's successes and challenges, to exchange ideas and resources, and to collectively empower young minds and shape future leaders. By sharing our best practices, we contribute to a culture of continuous improvement in education. I look forward to exploring opportunities for future collaboration with John Paul College and other schools in our community.

In other Horizon news, our Term 1 Horizon students have come to the end of their time in the program. We have enjoyed helping them become more confident in their learning and developing resilience. They have also been able to experience some new trail days such as the “Find Your Voice” Incursion. This day saw them interviewing a professional about their career before creating a podcast episode using that interview. We were fortunate enough to have a number of OLMC alumni give their time to be interviewed and answer questions about future pathways.

As always, camp has been a highlight of the term with students being able to challenge themselves physically and mentally whilst also connecting with their peers. This group was particularly competitive in our MasterChef Challenge as well as the infamous Commando Course mud pit. It was clear they made some memories that they will treasure.

Gabby Tabban
Horizon Coordinator