Shane Taylor
Head of Faith and Mission

Last week, Year 9 students represented OLMC at the blessing and opening of Trinity Lane, a Villa Maria Catholic Homes (VMCH) permanent home for disadvantaged people. We met with Bishop Martin Ashe as he led the blessing. Julian O’Connell, on behalf of the VMCH Board, invited us to share this experience with current residents of Trinity Lane Homes. We were all extremely honoured to meet with the VMCH community as it celebrates the dignity of disadvantaged people within our community.

We particularly found the Parable of the Starfish very meaningful as it reminded us that no matter how small our actions are, everything we do makes a difference in the lives of others.

This prayer inspires us to be neighbours to others…

Lord, be closer to your servants who shall live in these homes.
Be their shelter when they are at home
Their companion when they are away
Their welcome guest when they return
And at last, welcome them into the dwelling place you have prepared for them in your Father’s house.
Bless those who live here and these homes in which they dwell. Amen.

Year 9ACH students:
Stephanie A., Hannah W., Phoebe T., Aprila D. and Gabriella B.