Andrew Gibson
Curriculum Coordinator

As we move through Term 2, we know that many students are seeking to find ways to extend themselves and prepare well for their End of Semester 1 exams. With Year 10 and 11 exams just over a month away, students will be building revision time into their homework and study routines, as the evidence indicates that frequent spaced repetition leads to greater memory retention than cramming the night before.

In order to support students to feel confident in their own abilities, organise and manage their time effectively, as well as challenge themselves to achieve their best, we have set aside some time to continue the development of their revision techniques and exam skills.

Year 10 students

On Friday 10 May Year 10 students will have three lessons designed to prepare for their first set of exams. Presenters will be both OLMC staff and external presenters from Elevate. Students will not only have the opportunity to develop their exam preparation skills, but also how to manage stress and, often an important skill, how to move on from an exam, even if it did not go as well as planned.

Year 11 students

Year 11 students experienced the Year 10 program in 2023 so now is the time to refine their skills even further. Their focus will be on reviewing their revision strategies from previous years and managing their worries in the assessment period, as well as in the lead up to exams.

The resources from the day are available for students from all year levels to access on our OLMC Study Skills website on SIMON. Parents may want to ask students to show them this website so they can help in the planning of revision, and in setting up their revision schedule.

Andrew Gibson
Curriculum Coordinator

Megan Edwards
Head of Student Wellbeing

Anna Apfelstedt
Learning Commons Coordinator