Towards the end of Term 1, the Year 10 Mind Body and Soul elective class took a trip to Urban Surf in Tullamarine, and what a thrilling experience it was!

The excursion gave students the opportunity to try their hand at surfing, without having to make the trek to the coast. After a water safety briefing and learning about how to use surfing equipment, the eager class hit the waves for a 60 minute session, where they carved up the waves and perfected the surfing stance. For many students, it was their first-time surfing and they were surprised by how challenging it was. However, with the help of the instructors and the support of their classmates, the students quickly improved and were soon riding waves with confidence.

Overall, the excursion to Urban Surf was a fantastic experience for the Year 10 Mind Body Soul class. It allowed the students to try something new, challenge themselves physically and mentally, and bond with their classmates.

The students left the facility with a newfound appreciation for the sport of surfing and a sense of accomplishment with many students commenting how they want to take surfing to the next level in the ocean.

Teresa Cerra
Health and Physical Education Learning Leader