During Term 2, Year 7 Humanities students are developing their understanding of water as a resource. As we sit in class with bottles on our tables and visit clean and well-maintained bathrooms, we often take this vital element for granted.

No more! At Year 7, we are considering that over 700 million people worldwide don’t have access to reliable water sources, nor do they have the luxury of turning on a tap for a drink. Many - mostly women and children around the globe - have to walk kilometres and carry this life-giving resource in order to have it available at home.

Our Year 7 Water Warriors are researching the problem and thinking about possible solutions. They are putting human faces to the worldwide water shortage, thinking about students their age who may or may not be in the classroom, some having already carried water from their villages, rivers or wells.

Our Water Warriors cannot fix the global water crisis, but we are starting to think deeply about it. Over the next four weeks, small teams will brainstorm, discuss and collaborate on a final project that will answer our term-long question: how would you provide better access to and use of clean water in your (focus) country?

We cannot wait to see what our students come up with as they work through the creative process.

Rosemary Jones
Humanities Learning Leader