Judith Weir

Reconciliation Week runs from Monday 27 May to Monday 3 June. The 2024 theme, ‘Now More Than Ever’, reminds us all that the fight for justice and the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is continuing. At OLMC we are committed to providing opportunities for students to explore why reconciliation is so important for us as a nation. We hope that our students come to appreciate the role of all Australians in the achievement of justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

On Friday 24 May, we welcomed the Trustee Directors of Mercy Ministry Companions, the Public Juridic Person now governing on behalf of the Institute of Sisters of Mercy Australia and Papua New Guinea (ISMAPNG). Mercy Ministry Companions are the Trustee Directors for Mercy Education Limited, Mercy Health and Mercy Community Services. It was our pleasure to show the Trustee Directors our hospitality, our facilities and the successes of our students.

Congratulations to all involved for a very successful production of Chicago – Teen Edition. A number of special guests from Marcellin College and OLMC attended the opening night and were so impressed with the talent of the young people from both schools. The students performing, involved backstage or in front of house were excellent ambassadors for both schools. We continue to feel both honoured and privileged to be able to provide such important opportunities for young people to show off their skills and talents. The shows were sell-outs, speaking volumes about the appreciation of the broader community for the performing arts at both OLMC and Marcellin College.

We are approaching a busy time of the year for students and one where they can be overwhelmed. Year 10 students are about to go into their first exams. For all students, good preparation, study routines and revision will help to build confidence and reduce stress. It is also important to approach this experience with a growth mindset; one that opens them up to learning from the experience. This is a chance to build their understanding of what supports them and where challenges might be. A growth mindset also focuses on what we can learn from the process. The exam result will be one form of feedback but understanding the questions answered well and the areas for improvement is the most important learning. It is from this that students can grow and learn for the next set of exams. We encourage parents/guardians to talk with their children about the exam experience and what they have learnt about studying and preparation.

Year 7 students will next week venture off to camp at Phillip Island. We hope that it is a wonderful experience and a chance to build new connections. Year 12 students will also head off to their Retreat. This will be their last trip away with OLMC and we hope that they enjoy time with friends whilst making the most of the opportunities provided. We wish both groups safe travels and a fruitful time away.