Throughout the Horizon program, our classes 9LAN and 9SMI undertook many challenges together and built many skills such as collaboration and planning skills.

We had three main assessments and along with these came trail days that helped educate us and prepare us for what was ahead. Our first assessment was Beyond the Baggot, where we were introduced to some possible future careers and the different pathways we could take to achieve them.

One of the Trail Days that helped with this assessment was our visit to The Australian Catholic University and the William Angliss Institute. Here we learned about the differences between University and TAFE and how each one suits different people and job aspirations. Throughout the whole term we also worked on an assessment called Inquiry Based Learning. Here we developed many skills like teamwork and creative thinking. We also learned to collect our own data for our research to further investigate our chosen topics.

Challenge by Choice was a main theme throughout the Horizon Journey. This involved pushing yourself even in challenging situations and going into every experience with positivity. We went on a Trail Day where we tried tree surfing which made us think more about challenges by choice. This also was a great preparation for camp as that’s where we also needed to use courage and determination to push ourselves. Some of the activities at camp that reflected challenge by choice were abseiling and the commando course. These activities tested us both physically and mentally. However with good team work, we overcame these challenges resulting in an extremely fun camp and a time we will always remember.

Overall, Horizon this term was an incredible experience that taught us many valuable skills and it will be a term that we will certainly never forget.

Natalia B. and Lexie H. (9LAN)

Gabby Tabban
Horizon Coordinator