Edition 8 | 03 June 2022
Judith Weir

This week we have celebrated Reconciliation Week; a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures and achievements and to explore how each of us can contribute to reconciliation in Australia. We have heard throughout the election a lot spoken about the support for the Uluru Statement of the Heart. We pray that now our politicians will lead truth telling in Australia in both their words and actions.

We encourage our students to be active and engaged learners. We want them to be challenged by the learning opportunities we provide and we want them to challenge themselves. We want our students to be engaged in their learning in such a way that they are always looking to do or be the best they can. The remaining weeks of Term 2 are challenging, but they are an opportunity for students to see the outcomes of their pursuit of excellence and to build their repertoire of experiences, skills and knowledge.

Year 7 students will depart for Phillip Island next week and their first camp with OLMC. We hope that they find the opportunity to meet others from the Year Level that they are yet to engage with along with enjoying some wonderful experiences and time away from school. We are praying for good weather especially for the Penguin Visit. We hope all the staff and students have a wonderful time.

Exams will begin for Year 10 and 11 students and Year 12 students will participate in finalising their assessments for the semester. I hope that your child takes time to reflect on the learning gains made over the semester and also the improvements or new work habits that have enabled growth and success. This year, reflecting on the things that have enabled us to be successful has new meaning because it has been a while since we have experienced a school year like this. Understanding the strategies that have been successful this year will be helpful in the years to come.

I also hope that there is much to celebrate for students in all year levels, but whatever the results, it is important that new goals are set so that your child can extend their learning journey. Everything at this stage is a learning opportunity. I hope the students recognise and take advantage of these opportunities to build their skill and knowledge.

Over this semester, some of our Year 9 students have participated in the Horizon Camp and others will have this experience in Semester Two. The three-day program for the Year 9 Horizon Camp is challenging but often the highlight of the term. The camp is a very important part of the whole Horizon experience and it is a chance to put to the test, many of the problem-solving skills they have developed over the term. It is also a chance to extend themselves and build confidence in their ability to be successful in managing challenges as they face them. As we adjust to a more familiar rhythm in our school year many of the learnings from Horizon will be skills students can draw upon for the remainder of their education.

Term Two has been the term where we welcome back audiences for live performances. This has been a very busy term for our Instrumental Music and Performing Arts programs. The senior production of ‘Matilda’, has been an outstanding success and I congratulate our staff for the commitment and dedication they have shown to ensure that the show went on. To all the students from both OLMC and Marcellin College who were involved; congratulations. You were outstanding and we were both honoured to watch you and thoroughly entertained. Both Colleges are lucky to be blessed with such talented and generous staff and students.

Shane Taylor
Head of Faith and Mission

OLMC is situated in the ancient and holy land, where we acknowledge the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation as the Traditional Custodians of this land and we recognise their continuing connection to land, water and community. We pay respect to their Elders past, present and emerging and commit to building justice, peace and reconciliation for all in Australia.

Today we continue our 2022 Reconcilation Week activities. Yet we acknowledge while the process has been made, our work as Mercy people is not finished:

  • 27 May 1967
    On this day, Australia’s most successful referendum saw more than 90 per cent of Australians vote to give the Australian Government power to make laws for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and recognise them in the Census
  • 3 June 1992
    On this day, the Australian High Court delivered the Mabo decision, the culmination of Eddie Koiki Mabo’s challenge to the legal notion of ‘terra nullius’ (land belonging to no one) and leading to the legal recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of lands. This decision paved the way for Native Title.

Reconciliation must live in the hearts, minds and actions of all Australians as we move forward, creating a nation strengthened by respectful relationships between the wider Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

We pray…

Lord God, bring us together as one,
Reconciled with you and with each other.
You made us in your likeness.
You gave us your Son, Jesus Christ.
He has given us forgiveness from sin.
Lord God, bring us together as one,
Different in culture, but given new life in Jesus Christ:
Together as your body, your church, your people.
Lord God, bring us together as one,
Reconciled, healed, forgiven,
Sharing you with others as you have called us to do.
In Jesus Christ, let us be together as one. Amen.

Reconciliation Week at OLMC 2022 - Truth Telling

The OLMC Fire Carriers have been active in their commitment to building reconciliation for all who call Australia home, especially our indigenous sisters and brothers. Truth-Telling in our country is a critical way we can work toward reconciliation. Telling the truth about our history not only brings to light colonial conflict and dispossession but also acknowledges the strength and resilience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures. Our students and staff have endorsed this statement:

We, the students and staff of Our Lady of Mercy College actively promote and support Truth-telling in Australia; and will listen with open hearts to the experiences, hurt and injustices of our Indigenous sisters and brothers. We commit to working for justice, peace, healing and respect for all peoples in our shared home, especially our first nations people.

We have followed with great interest the discussion in our media, from our politicians and our indigenous communities regarding the Uluru Statement of the Heart.

As we move together, you might like to read more.


Be Brave - Make Change

On behalf of the student FIRE carriers.
Melika S. (LRJO), Katelyn D. (CBRY) and Charlotte D. (MFTA)

Over Term 2 all Year 7, 8 and 9 RE classes have celebrated their class Mass in our Chapel.

This special opportunity invites students to give thanks to God for all the blessings in their lives and to pray for the many needs in our world. It is also special, as this Chapel has been a place where Sisters of Mercy, staff and students have come to be in the presence of God, since 1910.

We express our gratitude to the priests, Fr Kevin Hennessy CP, Fr Jo Dirks SSS, Fr Peter Tong SSS and Fr Ignatius Vu SSS, who have given their time to come and celebrate God’s love, joy and peace with us.

We also thank the tireless work of our Religious Education teachers who constantly seek ways to invite students into a relationship with God and to see God’s loving presence in our lives and our world.

Bernadette Hogan and Grace Austin
Religious Education Learning Area Leader


As referred to in correspondence sent out to all Year 10 students and families earlier this week, all Year 10 students will participate in a Subject Selection Program at OLMC on Wednesday 22 June - Friday 24 June.

Activities will include interacting with their Morrisby Career Profile (undertaken on Thursday 16 June), participation in a tertiary expo, information sessions and industry workshops. Students will be provided with a number of resources to support their understanding of subject selection and connect this with future study and pathway options.

Dates for students and parents to diarise are as follows:

Thursday 16 June
8.45 am - 11.30 am (break during recess)

Morrisby Profile Assessment

Tuesday 21 June
7.00 pm - 8.30 pm

Year 11 2023 Parent Subject Selection Evening

Wednesday 22 – Friday 24 June

Year 10 2023 Subject Selection Program

Tuesday 19 July
3.30 pm - 5.00 pm

OLMC Subject Expo

Details regarding subject selection processes and submission dates will be communicated to students and parents in due course.


Year 11 students who are considering making changes to their Year 12 2023 program might find it useful to revisit their Morrisby Profile which they can access via the Morrisby website - https://app.morrisby.com/login

Students who can no longer access Morrisby can use the ‘forgotten login’ tab OR, if this fails, contact me via email for a login code. It is possible for students who feel their interests have changed over the last 12 months to retake the Interests Questionnaire which may lead to shifts in suggested professions or studies.

Students considering dropping subjects in Year 12 might also like to double-check prerequisites by using the VTAC 2024 Prerequisites Guide


All Year 12 students have received notification of key dates relating to VTAC Applications, Open Days and Early Entry Programs. Parents are encouraged to make note of the following important dates:

Monday 1 August
9.00 am

VTAC Applications OPEN ($44 Application fee)

SEAS Applications OPEN

VTAC Scholarship Applications OPEN

Tuesday 16 August
Lesson 3 Pastoral

Year 12 VTAC Information Session

Thursday 29 September
5.00 pm

Timely VTAC Applications CLOSE

Friday 7 October
5.00 pm

SEAS Applications CLOSE

VTAC Scholarship Applications CLOSE

Monday 12 December
From 7.00 am


Wednesday 14 December
4.00 pm

VTAC Applications Preferences CLOSE

Wednesday 21 December

December Round Offers RELEASED

Friday 13 January, 2023

January Round 1 Offers RELEASED


A number of institutions are offering Early Entry for students to apply to secure a place before sitting their end of year examinations. The application process and eligibility criteria are different for each institution and details have been emailed to all Year 12 students. Some are based on leadership and/or community engagement, some on academic results achieved in Year 11 and others on skills and ambitions. The following institutions are offering Early Entry Programs and students are encouraged to consider applying for these as appropriate to their interests and circumstances.

ACU Guarantee

Applications open Monday 18 July
Closing Friday 23 September

LaTrobe Aspire Program

Applications OPEN NOW
Closing Friday 16 September

RMIT Early Offer Program

Dates to be confirmed

Swinburne Early Entry Program

Applications OPEN NOW
Closing September

VU Guaranteed

Applications OPEN NOW
Closing September


Students in Years 10 and 11 may like to consider attending an Open Day to gain an insight into the options and layout of a university or TAFE campus. An experience at an Open Day can bring future goals and ambitions to life as well as provide them with an opportunity to speak with current students and academics about study areas or professional industries they may be considering in the future.

Students in Year 12 are encouraged to attend Open Days at various institutions to help them clarify their options as well as possible pathways whilst comparing the course structures, opportunities and facilities available to them.

Open Day dates have been emailed to all Year 10, 11 and 12 students and parents/guardians are invited to access this information from the OLMC Careers website. Students are encouraged to register their attendance for Open Days to get information about specific events, information sessions, tours etc. which align with the courses and study areas they are considering.

Melinda Williams
Careers Coordinator

Nude Food Day

Listening to the call of Pope Francis’ Laudato Si in our care for our common home, the Earth and its poor, we celebrated Nude Food Day during Laudato Si Week,

On 24 May, the Eco-Justice Club, led by Jessica Boek and Megan Reedy, ran the college’s annual Nude Food Day, a day when we encourage all students and staff to reduce the amount of packaging and plastic in our snacks and lunch items.

Nude Food means food that has not been overly processed or packages, being better for the environment and for our health; thus affirming our commitment as a Mercy School.

Congratulations to 8MWA, who won the Pastoral Nude Food Competition for the most impressive selection of nude lunches. May you continue to embrace package-free lunches long into the future as together we care for our Earth and our poor.

Exodus Dinners

OLMC has been blessed to walk with the Exodus Community for many years. Unfortunately, COVID has interrupted our regular sharing of life.

Last week, we were able to once again prepare and serve an evening meal for twenty friends and then sit and enjoy this meal together, listening and sharing life.

We look forward to our next dinner.

Lauren Marquet and Elise Cooper
Social Justice Coordinators

Over the past several weeks our budding Year 11 VCE Studio Arts students have been creating full-colour, still-life paintings inspired by the theme of ‘work’.

Students associated the theme of work with a broad range of professions, and they depicted those professions through the tools, implements and objects associated with them; from a beautician’s make-up kit to a De-Walt mitre saw.

The students’ paintings are remarkable for their fidelity to the objects that they depict. Students have taken great care to represent the surfaces, textures and forms of the objects of work, and in doing so they have done justice to the daily lives of workers, and their own artistic ideas.

This unit of work reinforces and refines students’ understanding of painting, which has been developed throughout their time at OLMC. Painting features throughout the art courses from Years 7 to 11, however each time students return to painting they address it more complexly. Fundamental paint handling skills developed in Year 8 are refined through middle-years projects painting animals and people, until, in Year 11, students complete these full colour paintings, which are the ultimate test of their skills and perception.

While challenging, this task is broken down for students into distinct stages, first students mix the colours for their paintings, then they complete an ‘imprimatura’ colour wash to harmonise their paintings, and finally they paint each section of their painting in acrylic paint.

Adrian Stojkovich
Design, Art and Technology Technician

In English, students are encouraged to respond creatively to texts to help them to gain greater insights into characterisation, themes, structure and voice.

Year 10 English students have been studying William Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar and have written creative responses that explore a character or key moment in the play.

Below are some excerpts from their writing:

Oh, Hygieia, my dearest goddess, I pray you to steal the pounding in my head away from me, let me drift away to rest this night. I endured as much as a woman could, but no more can I take. For many a night, I waited and listened as Brutus departed from our bed, at the earliest hours of dawn, relentlessly pacing the floors of our domus. I had enough wisdom to know that my love was hiding something from me, secrets that I thought we would always share were now being concealed for the first time since our marriage. I felt completely and truly lost. My mind was unravelling like the loose string between the silks and it took every ounce of my strength not to succumb to the incessant worries spiralling within me. No…I will not doubt…I must not let my mind weaken to that point.

Nathasha J. (CRIV)

My husband, Brutus has never been overwhelmed by the flock of servants that hassle him like seagulls fighting for a scrap of food, even in times as stressful as these. At the hint of dusk the previous evening, he confided in me (though, I suspect, with scarce detail), the conspirators’ hatching plan to murder Caesar. I am flabbergasted, to say the least, that he is to be a part of this, though never quicker had something clicked in my head when he explained honour’s involvement. Bilious thoughts flood my mind for an instant and glancing away from Brutus, who is being draped with silky white cloth lined with red, I lay a tremulous hand on the flowing fabric of my cerulean dress.

Ella P .(LKPA)

I let out a sigh and start pacing around my room.

I pass my window and catch a glance of Julius Caesar walking away towards the Capitol with Decius. I have my suspicions about him, why would Decius want Caesar to leave the house so badly against my wishes? My brain clouds with all the things that could possibly go wrong and result in the death of the great Julius Caesar.

Natalie G. (AASE)

As the time keeps passing by, the clock continuously ticking, I am still waiting for my husband. My heavy footsteps echo in the quiet darkness. Soon I will wear holes in the floor with my constant pacing.

As I wait, I hear the conversation that Brutus and I had last night play over and over again in my mind…

Molly D. (APSM)

I stay as silent as possible, sitting as still as a statue, my legs cramp up and my back stiffens yet I make sure to make no sudden movements. I sit and watch as more senators join the room, I take note as to all of those who enter seem as though they are on edge. At front of the senators are Cassius, Brutus and Casca, almost as if leading the other men. The more senators that join the room the more tension fills the room, yet Caesar remains unaware as to the men who stand before him with a malicious gleam in their eye. Of course, Caesar is unaware, his tragic flaw being his excessive pride.

Sienna H. (CMSM)

Anne Morrison
English Learning Leader

French students from Years 9-11 are abuzz with excitement as they embark on new friendships with French students in schools near Paris and Toulouse via the pen-pal program. Students in some year levels have already received handwritten letters and have written back in a combination of French and English. On receiving the letters from their pen-pals, OLMC students have been delighted by the French style of handwriting, the content (particularly the fascination with dangerous Australian animals!) and the level of English of their pen-pals. Seeing a few mistakes in the French students’ letters has given them confidence to get writing, without overly worrying about being completely accurate. We hope that some of these pen-pal relationships continue into the years to come, as they give our students such a wonderful glimpse into contemporary French culture, school systems, etc.

Meanwhile, students from Years 8 to 10 have been videoing themselves reciting French poetry by memory for the annual Alliance Française Berthe Mouchette French poetry competition. This represents the culmination of several weeks dedicated to learning their chosen poem, both during class time and at home, focusing on authentic pronunciation and appropriate expression to convey meaning. The theme for this year’s poetry competition is Liberté and, alongside the more traditional poems, students could select contemporary ‘slam’ poetry to recite.

Speaking of filming, a selection of students from all three languages (Japanese, Italian and French) have recently been involved in a project called ‘See how we grow in Languages’. Students from Years 7 to 12 presented snippets of spoken language (either by themselves or in groups of two or three). Once the videos have been edited, we will have a snapshot of the growth in speaking that occurs from the first year of high school, when students have very little language, to the final year, when they have developed their skills to the point of being able to undertake a fifteen-minute oral exam in the language. It is quite amazing to see the progress that can occur over six years of learning a language.

Fleur Davison
Languages Learning Leader


Struggling to find something good to read before the upcoming holidays?

The Learning Commons has compiled a number of recommended reading lists to support students. We also have audiobooks available too which are great options for family road trips as the audio file can be saved in the app prior to setting off.

Lunchtime Clubs and Activities

The Learning Commons is busy every lunchtime with clubs and activities on offer for students. All students are welcome to join in at any stage as there are a range of competitions happening throughout the year too.

The current schedule includes:

  • Book Club - Monday
  • Creative writing - Tuesday
  • Junior Debating - Wednesday
  • Craft Club - Thursday
  • Anime Club - Friday

Anna Apfelstedt
Learning Commons Coordinator

OLMC Cross-Country Brings Home the Cup

On Friday 27 May OLMC Cross-Country Squad headed all the way down to Cruden Park, Langwarrin to compete in the GSV Cross Country Championship Carnival.

It was looking like a dreary old day with lots of rain forecast, but this did not seem to bother the Cross-Country Squad. With extra pairs of shoes and layers packed in their bags, they eagerly jumped on the bus ready to race. As this was the first time the Championship Carnival has been held at Cruden Park, upon arrival the team and coaches set out to scope out the course. It was a very different track to what the team was used to, it was full of hills, uneven terrain and lots of 'obstacles' to avoid.

Despite the uneven terrain and new environment, the Cross-Country team, tried their absolute best and the results reflected this. With all 24 GSV participating schools present at the carnival, each age group, junior, intermediate and senior, was split into two events, A Event and B Event. As well as being placed across three divisions based on the Preliminary Carnival results.

The Juniors, Years 7 & 8, completed a 3km course and in the Division 3 Junior A Event, Lucy. C placed 5th. Lucy completed the 3km in a time of 12:32 - what an incredible effort! In the Junior B Event, Chloe K. placed 5th overall and completed her run with a time of 13:34. Well done Chloe!

The Intermediates, Years 9 & 10, completed a 4km course and in the Division 3, Intermediate A Event Jamieson L. placed 3rd. Jamieson completed her 4km with a time of 16:36, great job Jamieson!

The Seniors, Years 11 & 12, also completed a 4km course and in the Division 3 Senior A Event, Tiana P., placed 3rd. Tiana finished her 4km in a very quick 16:15! Tiana also placed 10th overall across all divisions and all schools, in the senior age group. Terrific effort!

Everyone who ran in the Championship Carnival put in an amazing effort and we are so proud of each and every single person who raced and participated in the OLMC Cross-Country program throughout Term 2.

After what was already an impressive day with quite a few ribbons and even a medal being won, it was time to announce the overall and Division Winners. OLMC was awarded the 2022 Division 3 GSV Cross Country Premiers! A great result and reflection of the effort and determination demonstrated by everyone.

A very big congratulations to the OLMC Cross Country Squad and also a very big thank you to all of the Cross-Country staff involved, Ms Daly, Mr Watson, Ms Mathews, Mr Smithers and Ms Omizzolo. Without you these carnival events would not be possible.

Beth McCullagh
Sports Administration

It was Election time on Level 3 Centenary Building last week. The VCAL students put the preferential voting system into action, giving the Year 8s the opportunity to vote for an exclusive food event hosted by the VCAL students. The older students came to pitch their ideas to the year level, trying to win them over with catchy slogans and slick campaign posters. Students listened to the reasons why they should choose each of the delicious options promoted by the different parties. Each pastoral group was able to place their order of preferences via secret ballot. The winning party was “The Flurry Party” and the Year 8s are looking forward to their sweet treat over the next coming weeks.

The first games of the annual Year 8 Matball competition have been played with the winning classes moving through to the next round. The Year 11 VET Sport & Recreation students have overseen this lunchtime activity designed to maximise physical activity amongst the cohort. The students compete for the Year 8 Matball Trophy which is proudly displayed in the winning classroom until the end of the year. A big thank you to Mr Nathan Watson and the Year 11 VET Sport & Recreation class for giving up so many lunchtimes to run this program.

The focus of Year 8 Pastoral lessons now turns to camp preparation. We are mindful that the students may not have been on a camp for a few years, if at all. The program is full of many adventurous outdoor activities designed to promote team building and connections within the year level. Now is a good time to ensure that students have a zero-rated sleeping bag, some thermals and a showerproof jacket. Details of the venue, activities, a packing list, medical and dietary requests and permission forms will soon be emailed to parents.

Rowena Thomson
Year 8 Coordinator

In Science this term, Year 7s are working on classifications. Students are looking at organisms from each of the five kingdoms including a collection of live microscopic organisms which will arrive early this week. This gives students the chance to master their microscope techniques. The highlight of the term is the visit from Zoo to You, which allows students to really get close to native fauna from a number of classes – birds, reptiles and of course, marsupials.

At this point in the Year 8 Science program students would usually be heading off to visit the Organ Pipes National Park, a basalt rock formation just up the Calder Highway. The decision to not go this year, was about prioritising the health of our students, but it has given us a great opportunity to find creative ways to assess their learning about the rock cycle. Students are using video, video editing and digital publishing to tell news and magazine stories about rock formations and their place in indigenous history and culture. Being able to look beyond the local formation, means students are looking at sedimentary and igneous rock formations across all states from the volcanic plugs called the Glasshouse Mountains in Queensland to the Bungle Bungles in Western Australia.

Year 9s have been working at the space between chemistry and physics looking at energy changes. We are so pleased to have them busy with hands-on investigations in the laboratory this year. Year 10s unit on Newtonian motion set them up for a different student designed investigation this year – looking into the forces that occur in collisions and how cars are designed to reduce forces on passengers.

The Year 10 program is a step up in challenge and it gives students good feedback about their strengths looking ahead to subject selection next term. Each year many students apply to accelerate in a science and although there can be reasons to accelerate we also know that subjects are designed to be four-unit studies taken in Year 11 and 12. We warmly encourage all students to get good advice from a variety of sources including their science teachers, especially when it comes to decisions about courses and accelerating. The minimum requirements for acceleration are published in the course guides.

Dr. Susan Long
Science Learning Leader

The 2022 Mid Year Music Concert is fast approaching on Monday 6 June at 7.00 pm.

The concert will feature performances across all our music ensembles, VCE music performances and some special highlights from the music program this semester.

Tickets are free but must be booked through the TryBooking button below.

For any further information, please contact the Music Office on 9455 7556 or via email to acouch@olmc.vic.edu.au or jmileto@olmc.vic.edu.au

Anne Couch
Performing Arts

Applications Closing Soon

The closing date for Camps Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) applications is 24 June 2022

Susan Gepp
Accounts Receivable Officer

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OLMC College Tours

Prospective families are invited on a tour of the OLMC facilities followed by an information session with Principal Judith Weir, Transition Coordinator Rowena Thomson and two students.