It has been very rewarding for the teachers in the English Learning Area to meet their new classes and teachers have already spoken very encouragingly about the level of effort and engagement evident in their classes. We are very fortunate to have some new teachers joining the English Learning Area this year and we would like to welcome Ms Alison Prince, Ms Marie Spyros and Mr William Balme to the team.

It is timely to remember that English is unique in that all students are required to study an English subject from Year 7 until Year 12. The study of English has many benefits. It helps students to understand the world and their place in it and develops their analytical and critical thinking skills. Studying English helps students to consider issues beyond the surface level and encourages them to explore ideas from multiple perspectives.

In English, students consider big questions and explore texts that reflect a wide range of human experiences. It allows them to enter multiple worlds; to reflect on contemporary issues whilst also allowing them to learn about the past and how ideas and attitudes have changed over time.

English gives students a lens into the world of the writer and they explore texts from a range of eras and text types: novels, plays, short stories and poetry, print and visual media. Across the year levels, students are exploring a diverse range of literature: the poetry of William Wordsworth, Picnic at Hanging Rock, A Doll’s House, Antigone, a range of other traditional and contemporary poetry, The Sleeper and the Spindle – a graphic novel, short stories, Frankenstein the play and Friday Barnes: Girl Detective. As the year progresses, English students will use their imagination in the creation of their own responses. They will engage in local and global issues and discuss ideas with others and learn about the way that language is used. In Year 10, students will learn about the differences between the English VCE subjects – English, Literature and English Language - so that they make the most appropriate choices when selecting VCE English subjects.

We encourage parents and carers to read and share discussions and challenges associated with the texts, creative writing and media issues that students will be studying this year. We hope that you will find them enriching and thought-provoking.

Anne Morrison
English Learning Area Leader