At the beginning of each school year, we welcome our new Year 7 students into one of the four Houses - Carmel, Loreto, McAuley and Mercy. On Friday 2 February, the House Captains and House Coordinators presented our new Year 7 students with their House T-shirt in preparation for whole school carnivals and other exciting events.

Our House system allows for students to connect across year levels by providing opportunities to work together and build relationships through a range of House events including House Swimming, Debating, Athletics and Arts. Not only does the House system provide a little bit of healthy competition across an array of College events, but it also gives our students a supportive place where they belong throughout the duration of their time at OLMC.

We were very honoured and excited to welcome the new Year 7s into our Houses, and we hope they take advantage of the wonderful co-curricular opportunities on offer at OLMC. We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to step outside of your comfort zone, but always remember that there is much reward in representing your House and building lasting connections with peers.

Jemma Banfield
Carmel House Coordinator

Hayley Gamble Curran
Loreto House Coordinator

Kathryn Williams
McAuley House Coordinator

Cyvonne Scarica
Mercy House Coordinator