Year 9 Dance are currently working on the choreography for their ‘Learnt Work’ assessment. This involves the dance students learning contemporary dance sequences choreographed by their dance teacher, and in groups participating in compositional workshops to develop their own movement sequences for the group dance routine. The dance is to the remix of ‘Hit the Road Jack’. Students will perform this to an audience in Term 4, as part of their assessment.

Students are also studying ‘Safe Dance’ and, in pairs have to conduct a warm-up to the class that demonstrates safe dance technique and awareness of the individual limits of the body.

Year 8 Dance students are learning the elements and history of Hip-Hop dance. They have learnt a set hip hop sequence, that they now manipulate through the use of canon, unison, tableaux and other choreographic devices. In small groups students will perform their hip- hop routine to an audience at the end of Term 3.

Year 7 Drama students are studying performance skills, such as vocal projection, strong facial expression and performing to an audience to create dramatic tension. They are learning how to work effectively in groups and are commencing work on stereotypes and individual characterisations. Towards the end of the term students will perform group plays based on their character development.

Deb Butterworth
Dance Teacher