Term 3 for Senior School has started with our Year 11 Formal and the distribution of our much anticipated Year 12 hoodies. These two particular events are significant moments in our senior school calendar and it has been so wonderful to see the many smiling faces amid what is always a busy term, affectionately known as the ‘the business term’ with its focus on planning and forward thinking for our Senior students.

On 21 July the Year 11 Formal was hosted by Leonda by the Yarra, and we were delighted to see the excitement on everyone’s faces as they danced the night away. Staff were so impressed with the behaviour of the students, who put up with our old school dance moves and spent a special night together with their friends.

The excitement continued last Wednesday with the delivery of the Year 12 Hoodies. We could not resist surprising our Year 12s with a morning assembly to celebrate the moment. This year’s design has been met with many compliments from staff and students, as our cohort proudly wear their personalised hoodies around campus. Term 3 has also seen the beginning of our first OLMC senior mentoring program. This program allows Year 11s an opportunity to take on a leadership role in both supporting and guiding our Year 10s as they navigate the individual challenges and opportunities experienced during their second semester as senior school students. We look forward to watching these students form valuable connections that support each other’s academic and personal development throughout their remaining senior years.

We are also thrilled for two of our senior students Tabith B. (MSHO) Year 11 and Holly G. (CPSE) Year 12 who have recently achieved outstanding success in their basketball endeavours. Holly, who currently represents Victoria, has recently committed to continuing her basketball career post OLMC at Xavier University in the United States. Tabitha represented Australia as part of the Sapphires Basketball Team winning the Asia Cup and placing 5th in the World Cup held in Hungary. Congratulations Tabitha and Holly!

Jemma Banfield, Debbie Daly, Hayley Gamble-Curran and Kathryn Williams
Senior Year Coordinators

Year 12 Hoodies
Year 12 Hoodies
sourced from Basketball Victoria Facebook page
sourced from FIBA Basketball website