We congratulate Year 10 students Alyssia S and Elizabeth C who were awarded first and third place respectively in the Collarts School of Design Creative Futures Competition.

Students had to submit a design that ‘helps envision the future we want to live in and design for a more equitable, accessible and sustainable world’.

Alyssia looked closely at sustainable principles. She upcycled an old pair of jeans and remade the garment into a corset. Alyssia researched the Indigenous seasons, concentrating on the Guling orchid to inspire her print design on her corset. She also used sinamay in light pastel colours flecked with gold to signify the changing nature of the seasons.

Elizabeth wanted to create a unique multi-purpose outfit out of recycled materials. Through hard work and lots of thread, Elizabeth created a versatile design - two skirts, seven dresses and two tops. This garment was intended to minimise waste and fast fashion, making it an innovative garment for our future.

As we celebrate our latest achievements, let us also be inspired to nurture our own creativity, wherever it may lead us. Until next time, keep exploring, imagining, and creating!

Alexandra Seit
Design, Art and Technology Learning Leader