On Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 August, 31 Students in Year 7 – 11 participated in the Gymnastics Victoria Interschool Secondary Gymnastics Competition at the State Gymnastics Centre in Windsor.

Under the supervision of Ms Daly, all OLMC students did very well and it was a fun experience for all. Our coaches were impressed watching every single student step into the competition and give it their best go.

Our team had a wide range of experiences and abilities; from first timers trying something new to very experienced gymnasts showcasing their amazing talents with OLMC coming away with some fabulous Individual and Team results and achievements.

Individual Results

  • 1st Sierra M (Junior E)
  • 3rd Alyssa R (Level A1)
  • 3rd Lillian M (Senior E)
  • 4th Emilia C (Junior B2)
  • 4th Charlotte D (Senior B2)
  • 6th Natalia B (Junior E)

Team Results

  • 1st Junior E (Sierra M, Addison H, Chloe K and Ella W)
  • 2nd Senior E (Emily B, Hannah H, Lillian M and Romaine V)
  • 3rd Junior E (Natalia B, Laila B, Alyssa C, Ava D, Sienna S and Mia W)
  • 4th Junior B2 (Poppy B, Emilia C and Michaela C)
  • 5th Junior C (Jessica K, Callista L, Brooke W and Scarlett W)
  • 5th Junior E (Olivia B, Celeste F, Arlia M, Karen N, Marissa N and Lola P)
  • 6th Senior B2 (combined team with Mater Christi: Charlotte D and Maddie G)

And the 2023 Interschool Gymnastics School Spirit Award went to OLMC!

Trevor Robertson
Sports Coordinator