The in-class and out-of-class Science at OLMC has been busy. In August we marked National Science week with a range of fun activities focused on the 2022 theme of Glass – more than meets the eye.

Year 7s have wrapped up their study of the solar system and Year 10 are now looking into the origins of the Universe and the Star Cycle. Year 9s have been working on electromagnetics and Year 8 have been working through three linked topics on Particle theory, heat transfer and some introductory Chemistry looking at atoms, elements, compounds and chemical reactions. This week the Year 11 Biology students have conducted their field work studies at Werribee zoo specifically looking at bioethics, adaptations and the effect of keystone species in grassland ecosystems.

We have had three STEM and STEAM programs running this term: BrainSTEM, STEM Mad and our OLMC STEAM extension program. A new BrainSTEM team has begun the 15th Innovation Challenge.

Alexandra C. (9SMI) describes what the team have been up to.

I was very excited when I got the opportunity to participate in the BrainSTEM challenge as I knew it would be a great way to experience STEM and to meet new people. This term I am with a great group of girls and together with our mentor we have started to research different issues that interest us. At the start of this program we attended a Kickstarter event at Parliament House in the city, this was a very exciting day for all of us. We met our mentor Sue, and we were given a tour of Parliament. Since then we have had Zoom meetings with Sue and have chosen to find a problem and solution in the area of Health and Wellbeing. I am so excited to see what we come up with and to present our idea to all of the other schools.

Katiya S. (9DCH) updates us on the STEM MAD team who were part of the Victorian and the National STEM MAD showcase and who won the National STEM in Space competition.

Throughout the term we have been working on a project for the competition, STEM MAD. We created a project called ‘Smell the Future’ which focused on helping astronauts be able to smell in space - this is problematic for them because at microgravity there isn't the force to pull blood and fluids down through the body and they end up with puffy head syndrome. We experimented with creating different smells, dismantling a C-PAP machine, researched about astronauts in space and created a prototype of our invention. We got to present our work at the state and national showcase and it was a really fun and great experience.

Phoebe T. (8MKY ) has been part of the three terms of STEAM in Year 8. She updates us on what went on in this term for Year 8.

This term we finished off our LED bracelets and other felt creations that we weren't be able to finish last term. It was a lot and made us feel extremely accomplished to be able to turn on and off our LED's and show our families. Then we moved on to learning about electricity and we first did that by making a battery out of cardboard, coins, vinegar, aluminum foil. Then we did multiple experiments to help create solar cells, to produce electricity. It was difficult but very rewarding.

Susan Long
Science Learning Leader