Throughout this term, Year 11 and 12 OLMC students have acted in the spirit of Mercy by volunteering their time to help prepare and share a meal with our friends in the Exodus Community in West Heidelberg. Each week the girls prepare, cook and eat with community members.

We have recently received some feedback from the guests who have attended, and when asked what being invited to the dinner meant to them, they responded with:

Proud that they want to journey with us. Cared for. Respected. Honoured. Great kindness. Love to be included.”
“Privileged. A lot of effort had gone into it for us – tablecloths and little thinks that show care.
Welcoming and I felt appreciated. Not alone.”
“Stops me being lonely looking at walls alone at home…I felt included: a part of the community”
“Not judged. To sit, eat together: respect for who we are.”

It has been a wonderful experience for our students to engage with and encounter our friends in a way that supports the dignity of all.

Lauren Marquet and Elise Cooper
Social Justice Coordinators