Welcome to Term 4! Even though we are nearing the end of the year there is still so much happening in Performing Arts this term.

Firstly, I would like to thank our Performing Arts Student Leadership team for all their hard work this year. They have demonstrated the school values of courage, compassion, justice and joy in everything they have done. These leaders are to be congratulated on the way in which they have embraced running various clubs and performances (both during school time and after hours) and the enthusiasm and joy they have brought to their roles. They have been an inspiration to many of our younger students. Congratulations and thank you to:

Isabella K (12AHRA)
Alessia K (12LJVA)


Lilian M (11MCMI)
Abbey P (11AGGL)


Syeria L (12LAGA)
Charlotte D (11MAMN)


Rose C (12MECO)
Natasha A (11CSGP)


Olivia A (12MMWI)
Matilda B (11AASE)

I would also like to wish our VCE Music, Drama and Theatre Studies students all the best for their upcoming practical and written exams. Thank you to all of these students who have been an integral part of the Performing Arts Department over their time at OLMC. They have not only engaged fully with their subject but they have contributed to the life of the school through performances and productions.

Engaging in the Performing Arts has been proven to be highly beneficial for students. Enrolling in the any of these subjects improves emotional intelligence, confidence, resilience, discipline, communication skills, co-ordination, creativity and problem-solving skills. It also helps students discover more about themselves and their strengths and weaknesses as a person. There are numerous opportunities to get involved in the performing arts at OLMC through music lessons, ensembles, dance and drama clubs and of course, productions.

Our Junior students are just beginning on their journey in the performing arts with the Junior Production of High School Musical hitting the Mercedes Hogan Theatre stage in December. Over 60 students from both OLMC and Marcellin have been rehearsing since last term and they are gearing up for a spectacular performance of High School Musical! This version is slightly different to the original Disney movie as it has some new songs and lyrics, but many of your favourites remain. The show is filled with singing, dancing and music and is guaranteed to entertain! Tickets will be on sale later this term, so look out for the link on PAM.

Year 12 Music Inquiry

This year saw the introduction of the new VCE Music curriculum. We embraced the opportunity to engage with the new subject Music Inquiry. In this subject, each of the three disciplines in music are treated equally: Performance, Composition and Analysis. After studying how music connected over the centuries in Unit 3, students selected their own focus and prepared a folio for external marking. The folio consisted of at least one performance, composition and a description of their analysis of the works they studied and how their performances and composition were connected and influenced by their research.

The makeup of the class was evenly divided between guitarists and vocalists, which ensured lively and engaging conversations about performances and analysis. Each student developed a topic they were passionate about and in which they wanted to ‘dig deeper’. The range of topics was impressive from Jimi Hendrix’s solos, female empowerment in new and old musicals, opera vocal techniques in modern and classical operas, through to bass guitar techniques in thrash metal.

The folio aspect of the subject allowed the students to work to their strengths whether it be performance, writing or composition. Music Inquiry is a subject designed for all students (not just music students!) to engage in. You do not need to be a high achiever with your instrument, nor do you need to have amazing skills at reading music! Music Inquiry allows students to engage in music at their own level and passion.

Madalena Broadbent
Performing Arts Learning Leader