Judith Weir

Welcome back to Term 4. As is the case every term, there is much to look forward to and it will be a very busy one.

Over the next few weeks our Year 12 students will celebrate the end of their time at OLMC along with preparing for and completing exams. Before exams begin, we will pause and spend time reflecting with them on their OLMC journey. We will celebrate with families all that these students have achieved and the many ways they have grown. They will soon finish their schooling and embark on the next significant chapter of their lives.

The end of Year 12 classes is a very special time but there is still much to do before they are officially finished. Some students will be involved in performance or oral examinations in the next two weeks. All will be involved in extensive revision and practice exams. It is important for our Year 12 students to remember they still have much before them and we encourage them to make good choices about how they celebrate and remain focused on their success.

Next week on Thursday 12 October, the Art Show will open and we will recognise the students whose artworks have been displayed as part of the Caldow Collection. Each year artworks of students from Year 7 to 12 are selected to form the gallery of works displayed in the Administration Building, also known as the Caldow Collection. Next week we will formally acknowledge and thank those students for the joy they bring to us each and every day as we walk along the corridor. The Design, Art and Technology team have worked very hard to continue to provide opportunities for our Visual Art, Design, Media and Food Studies students to grow and develop their skills and talents. Congratulations to all students for their continued commitment to their art and design. We are looking forward to welcoming families and students to celebrate the opening of our Art Show and the talents of our young people.

Each year level will this term reach the end of another year and begin preparations for the next. We will welcome our Year 7 2024 students and begin their OLMC journey with them. It is an exciting time. While we all still have much to achieve it can be challenging to prepare for the future while living in the present. During Term 4 we are so often inspired by the grit and determination of our students as they strive to complete the year having given their best effort.

Last term parents received an invitation to complete a survey as part of the Principal Review process. I am grateful to all who took the time to share your feedback. The Review Panel this week met with staff and students and will shortly formalise their report. The feedback is invaluable for me and I am grateful to all who responded to the survey.

We are looking forward to a joyful term where the talents and skills of our students are recognised and celebrated with our community.