During school holiday periods, many students at OLMC take up the opportunity to participate in workplace learning experiences. These experiences can be either connected to Vocational Training they are undertaking as part of their VCE or VCEVM program, or in an industry they are considering for the future. During the recent September school holidays Year 10 students Sophie B, Heidi C, Nadiya S and Phoebe T spent a week immersed in an engineering work placement experience funded through Akorn Education and Engineers Australia and facilitated by engineering consulting firm, Introba.

Over the week, students were asked to design elements of a sustainable city and the experience proved to be stimulating, challenging and hugely rewarding. One community building design was for an indoor sports complex called Bunyip Central's Mumford-Papley Indoor Sports Complex.

We are very proud of our students’ willingness to grasp the opportunity and develop wonderful skills and connections as part of this experience.

‘I learnt that there are many fascinating disciplines of engineering that work cohesively with each other to produce everything we see around us today. It has taught me that the future of engineering is really bright and has many opportunities for students like me.' Heidi C (10LAGA)

‘One thing I found enjoyable about the experience was the building we worked in. It made it feel like a real work environment, and it was a really cool experience.’ Sophie B (10APSM)

‘One thing I learnt is that there is a lot more variety and freedom in the engineering industry than is advertised and there are so many opportunities available. I think that engineering is often seen to be one straightforward thing like designing a building, but I never really knew all the different engineering aspects that had to be incorporated in one room, let alone the entire building.' Phoebe T (10CMSM)

Melinda Williams
Careers Coordinator