Whilst most areas start winding down and preparing for next year, our music department just keeps going. During Term 4, music focuses on highlighting our students’ achievements. We do this through two performance evenings where family and friends come and celebrate what our students have learnt this year.

On Monday 9 October we were treated to our first cabaret style performance from students in Years 10 -12 currently learning an instrument at OLMC. From cello solos to vocal delights and even a duet, families were entertained while enjoying some OLMC hospitality, with food and drinks in abundance. Congratulations to the students who performed, you were all inspirational.

We look forward to seeing our Year 7 - 9 students shine as they perform solo or in a small ensemble at their performance evening on Monday 13 November. Due to the large numbers of students undertaking lessons at OLMC, this evening will be split across three venues. It will also contain guest performances from the Concert Band, Junior Choir, Rock Bands and Guitar Ensemble.

During Term 3 the choir had the opportunity of learning and performing Christian Tin’s ‘Baba Yetu’ which is the ‘Lord’s Prayer’ sung in Swahili and the theme song from Civilization V the video game. The choirs are to be congratulated on performing this as part of the Mercy Day Mass and many commented that it was a highlight of their day. Due to the success of this performance, our students will undertake a rehearsal and recording experience together with the students of Marcellin College’s Champagnat Choir. Singing as part of a choir is always special, but creating music in four parts with male and female voices can be inspiring and adds many new challenges to the vocalists in regards to balance and part holding. We look forward to sharing this experience with our students and their families.

Finally, we wish our String Ensemble and Choir students well as they head to Mercy Aged Care in November to entertain the residents with a morning of musical melodies. Sharing your talents with others is such an important part of learning to play an instrument, and the reward of seeing the joy that music brings to others is priceless.

Cantor Scholarship Applications Now Open

Applications for 2024 Cantor Scholarships are now open for all current Year 9 students, irrespective of whether they are presently taking music lessons at OLMC. A letter with information about the scholarship and an application form are available on SIMON/PAM. Please note the closing date for submission is Friday 27 October 2023. For further information please email Jo-Anne Mileto, jmileto@olmc.vic.edu.au or Anne Couch, acouch@olmc.vic.edu.au

Being a Cantor at OLMC has always been a prestigious privilege. Not only are students given 32 free lessons and a weekly ensemble rehearsal with the talented Ms Russo, they are an integral part of OLMC performances, liturgical masses and often represent the College at prestigious events. This is a scholarship which focuses on learning to sing, but it is also a role which often inspires our younger students to want to perform. Skills learnt and constantly undertaken throughout the year include: time management, rehearsal techniques, collaboration, performance etiquette, self-confidence and memorisation techniques. There is also the highlight of working with similarly minded students, creating new friends for life and learning music from a variety of cultures, styles and artists. If your child is in Year 10 next year and has any interest in singing, or you feel they have untapped potential, we encourage you to chat to your daughter about applying for the scholarship.

Jo-Anne Mileto
Instrumental Music Coordinator