Year 9 students this semester have had the opportunity to participate in self-defence classes. Two external instructors have taken the students through a three-lesson course. The classes involve both physical and verbal components. Students physically learn how to use their bodies creating the most power and effect. This includes punching, kicking, blocking and ducking. They also focus on how to use your voice as a powerful tool. The trained instructors took the students through certain situations and how best they should take action.

We have enjoyed seeing how engaged all the Year 9 students have been. The program has been running for a number of years and each year we get such positive feedback from the students on its impact.

Here are a few comments from students in Year 9:

“Self-defence is such a different experience and it has been a lot of fun. It has opened my eyes to different situations we could face.”
Holly C. (9LAN)
“Thanks to Luke the instructor and his humour and enthusiasm, I think all the girls really enjoyed the self-defence unit and had lots of fun. It was great to see all the girls getting involved and trying new things and it definitely showed us that you need to be ready in any situation. The self-defence classes taught us the skills we need to be prepared to handle these serious situations.”
Lola F. (9ESC)
“The self-defence unit was really fun and lived up to my high expectations. I learnt how to strike, properly and be safer in the real world. It was a really good and beneficial experience.”
Nari F. (9ESC)

Madeleine Omizzolo
Health and Physical Education Learning Leader