What a year it has been for our students this year in the Learning Commons.

We thank the wonderful students and staff who have welcomed new participants and that have been involved in the many activities that have occurred.

Our Book Club meets every Monday with students from Year 7 to 11. We discuss (and sometimes disagree!) about books we have loved and make recommendations to others. We have decided which books to buy for the collection and competed in Kahoots to win prizes and challenge ourselves. Some students also participated in the CBCA Shadow Judging project to determine which CBCA nominated book should really have won the prize this year.

The Creative Writing Club has been very well attended this year with a number of students submitting their work to various competitions, with a few students receiving awards and commendations. Author talks were well received and inspired the group to improve their writing and push through any bouts of writer's block.

The Makerspace has been a hive of activity on Thursdays as students created craft projects and made new friends. The Anime Club was a fun and collaborative space on Fridays with students sharing their love of the genre.

We encourage any interested students to come along and participate in the many activities on offer in 2023.

Anna Apfelstedt
Learning Commons Coordinator