As part of the transition from Year 8 into Year 9, the Year Level recently attended an assembly with Ms Gabby Tabban which focussed on the 2023 Horizon program.

The Year 8 cohort got the chance to participate in an interactive Q&A session with Ms Tabban and three current Year 9 students, Bianca, Nari and Scarlett. They listened to the students’ favourite memories about the Program including fun camp activities, collaborating with a range of different groups of students and being more independent in their learning. They gave the students tips such as choosing their IBL group based on topics that they are most interested in rather than what friends are doing. Students were reminded that they will be in new Pastoral Groups again next year and were encouraged to take up the opportunity to meet some students that they may not have had the chance to work with previously.

There are also many leadership opportunities available for students to consider in 2023. In addition to the Semester Class Captains, the Year 9 students explained the roles of the Peer Support Leaders and Vice House Captains. Students will be able to apply for these leadership positions early next year.

Rowena Thomson
Year 8 Coordinator