The first group of Year 9 Students involved in the Horizon 2022 program (9GTA and 9NWA), have started off with excitement, some trepidation but mostly joyful interactions that comes with being back in the classroom for face to face learning. As their teachers, we have been inspired by their overall energy and enthusiasm in the classroom and are in awe of the maturity the girls have displayed.

The students have dived right in starting to explore future careers in the Beyond the Baggot Unit, gone on a Trail Day around Heidelberg - exploring the local surrounds and interviewing members of the staff on what led them to working at this school. The students have also started on some purposeful and collective brainstorming to what their IBL (Inquiry Based Learning) research topic might look like. Some of the topics so far, range from, What importance do Dreams and Sleep have in our daily lives, to being negatively affected by Beauty Standards and understanding Relationships between Siblings and Gender Politics in Future Workplaces. With topics such as these, we look forward to their end-of-term presentations.

During their “outdoor ed” sessions, 9GTA and 9NWA have been put through their paces and learnt to work as a team. They had to demonstrate some quick thinking strategies and be nimble on their feet to be able to get their team from one end of the hall to the other, in a “The Floor is Lava” game. They have also completed their first bike ride through Heidelberg Park. It’s exciting to see that this group of Horizon students are slowly discovering their strengths and forging strong connections that they will take into the future.

Gabrielle Tabban
Horizon Coordinator