Judith Weir

On Wednesday of last week, we held our first College Assembly for 2022. The assembly celebrated the Year 12 students of 2021 who achieved excellence in their studies. We were very lucky to celebrate not only the top 10 students and College Dux but all those who achieved the highest study score for each subject and our VCAL student achievements. We were grateful to be able to welcome both the students and their parents to celebrate the outstanding achievements. We were also able to live stream the assembly and I know many from the class of 2021 and their families were watching from home.

The young people who returned to the College for the assembly are an inspiration for all of us. They are wonderful role models and serve to encourage all of us to continue to work hard to achieve our goals. Their achievements would be strongly celebrated in any normal year but to have done so whilst navigating their way through all the challenges of the last two years was a credit to their determination and resilience. We were very privileged to be able to share in their joy and wish them well as they move to the next exciting part of their lives.

This week on Monday we held the Opening School Mass and the Investiture of our Year 12 Student Leaders and on Wednesday, we celebrated the Welcome Mass with Year 7 students. Both Masses are times when we mark significant moments in the journey of those beginning the end of secondary school journey and those who have only just started. The Year 12 Leaders presented each Year 7 student with a candle. This candle symbolises the sharing of our light, as Catherine McAuley asked of the sisters.

We have now concluded the major events that celebrate our return, the excellent achievement of our students, the induction of school leaders and the welcome of our Year 7 students; we are ready now to settle into the steady rhythm of the school year. I would like to congratulate all of our students on a wonderful start to the year. They have shown real enthusiasm, commitment for their classes and the many activities available to all students.

The Victorian Government announced yesterday that the restrictions and expectations that we have been living with for these first few weeks will continue until the end of Term 1. This includes the wearing of face masks indoors and a continuation of the Rapid Antigen Tests. We anticipate that the next box will be distributed to families on Friday 25 February. Thank you to all members of our community who have completed the tests, provided feedback on our processes and helped to make it possible for school to continue as usual for students.