Global Politics is an expanding subject in the Humanities Learning area at OLMC.

This subject is for girls who are passionate about world issues and enjoy the opportunity to discuss and research different perspectives.

Unit 2 students investigate Global Connections and the second area of study undertaken is Global Cooperation and Conflict. In this topic students consider the extent to which global actors cooperate and share visions and goals as part of the global community. They investigate the ability of the global community to manage areas of global cooperation and to respond to issues of global conflict and instability. As part of this investigation every student must research a contemporary case study.

In a world where news and information is readily available, traditional sources of print media are giving way to more modern, digital versions of information sharing and opinion making. Under the careful guidance of Mr Andrew Gibson, Year 11 Global Politics students were asked to create a podcast focusing on the issue of Climate change and present to an audience some carefully curated opinion and facts about how global forces are impacting this issue.

Once the girls had researched and prepared their podcasts, a Year 9 History class was invited to listen to the podcasts and provide their feedback. Some of this feedback is included below.

We commend these podcasts to you and hope they will raise your awareness of how this important issue of climate change is being analysed and evaluated on the world stage as brought to you through the voices of our most thoughtful students.


Feedback from students:

Really informative and engaging podcast. I learnt how the Paris Agreement helps combat climate change.
Good to listen to and I learnt more about what world leaders have done to combat climate change.
I learnt that Australia is placed last for taking action against climate change.
Overall the podcast was very informative and taught me lots of new and interesting information.

Russell Ives
Humanities Learning Leader