Allows Students' minds to take flight

Virtual Reality (VR) has long been used as a tool of entertainment that can transport and powerfully excite the imagination. At OLMC, our incoming Year 1 Allied Health students and 2022 VCAL students were privileged to participate in an experience shifting the amazing possibilities provided by VR in a learning environment by the team at Mindflight7. Our Allied Health students became Open Heart Surgeons whilst our VCAL students were able to select from a vast variety of experiences; performing surgery, creating the first of their imagined fashion house designs, visiting and moving through locations such as the African Savannah, the diverse eco-system in the deep blue and even the International Space Station and producing a music recording in the virtual sound studio. Initially confronting and requiring a bit of getting used to, the students settled quickly into the experience and grasped the chance to participate in an activity and space that would be so challenging to access in the real world.

We look forward to exploring the amazing possibilities VR can add to student learning and thinking about their future options. Students offered the reflections below on their experience:

I enjoyed the VR experience because it was different to normal learning that we usually do. As well as that it felt very real, as if I was in the actual surgical room.
Amelia D - Year 10 (CRIV)
I really enjoyed the VR experience yesterday as it was something different from usual subjects and felt very real. I learnt a lot from it as I am a visual learner and that was very beneficial for my learning.
Josephine K - Year 10 (CRIV)
I really enjoyed the VR experience - it was so fun! It’s not something you get to do every day and was an awesome way to see how technology is expanding while providing a way for people to experience things like going for nature walks, open heart surgery or being on the International Space Station.
Bridie – Year 11 (MFKO)

Careers Coordinator
Melinda Williams