Simon Conlan
Leader of Learning Development

Earlier this year I wrote about the importance and value of communication between students and their subject teachers. In that article I explained that if a student is unclear about what is expected of them of them in relation to work, it is usually best if they contact their teacher directly. There are occasions, however, when it is necessary for a parent to contact a subject teacher. As we move into Term 2, assessment for students in all year levels will increase in volume and this can lead to stress for students, parents and teachers alike. It is during times such as these periods of assessment that it may be necessary for parents to contact a teacher, perhaps to clarify expectations about a task or to confirm dates for tests. Timely communication between parents and teachers is welcomed by OLMC staff as a message received from a parent may often alert a teacher to a student concern of which they are unaware.

When emailing a subject teacher, it is strongly recommended that parents and guardians ‘cc’ the relevant Learning Area Leader into the email as it is likely that they will be able to contribute to discussions about the inquiry, or provide direction if the teacher is unable to address the question. A list of Learning Area Leaders and their email addresses is provided below.

Learning AreaLearning Leader's NameEmail Address
Design, Art and Technology

(Food studies, Art subjects, Media subjects)

Mr Mark Jenkinsonmjenkinson@olmc.vic.edu.au


Ms Anne Morrisonamorrison@olmc.vic.edu.au
Health and Physical Education Miss Megan Edwardsmeedwards@olmc.vic.edu.au

Year 9)

Ms Gabrielle Tabbangtabban@olmc.vic.edu.au
(History, Geography, Business Management, Civics, Legal Studies)

Ms Rosemary Jones

LanguagesMrs Fleur Davisonfdavison@olmc.vic.edu.au
MathematicsMr Mark Vorstermvorster@olmc.vic.edu.au
Performing Arts
(Dance, Drama, Music)
Ms Madalena Broadbentmbroadbent@olmc.vic.edu.au
Religious Education Ms Bernadette Hoganbhogan@olmc.vic.edu.au
(All Junior Science subjects, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology)
Dr Susan Longslong@olmc.vic.edu.au
VCALMrs Helen Hamblinhhamblin@olmc.vic.edu.au