On Wednesday 23 March, the Term 1 Horizon classes set off on the first camp of the year.

9NWA got to bike ride half of the way to the campsite while 9GTA went caving. Both were challenging but enabled us to feel proud and accomplished. The other activities that we participated in during the camp were extremely fun while testing our strength, determination and teamwork. Supporting our classmates to try their best was really rewarding. The mud pit was definitely a favourite between the two classes.

Camp also gave us the chance to be more independent. Not only were we required to supply, prepare and cook all our meals but we also needed to clean the kitchen and dry the dirty dishes. This encouraged us to cooperate, communicate and compromise with our peers, especially with different preferences and dietary requirements. Overall it was a great experience being able to laugh and create stronger bonds with teachers and classmates outside of the classroom.

Madeline L. (9NWA) & Lucinda W. (9NWA)