This semester has been a busy one in English classrooms across OLMC. The following is a snapshot of what has been covered in Years 7-10 English so far this year.

Year 7

In their introduction to secondary English, students have been introduced to the mystery genre in the form of a ‘Whodunnit’, reading Friday Barnes, Girl Detective and Murder Most Unladylike. They have analysed the texts as well as created their own mystery story. Currently students are preparing for oral presentations on an ethical dilemma.

Year 8

Students began the year by learning about the gothic genre in order to develop their understanding of the play Frankenstein, a play adaptation by Philip Pullman of Mary Shelley’s great novel. They wrote an analytical essay on the play and it also informed a range of gothic writing responses in their writing journals. The next focus was storytelling, beginning with students interviewing an elder about their life and then orally presenting a story of family significance to class. Then then moved onto their study of The Rabbits and the creation of a transmedia product to explore ideas from the text in a more complex and visual manner.

Year 9

Due to Horizon, students at Year 9 undertake different studies at different times. Some of the experiences they have had so far are a study of the short story form where students have read and analysed a selection of short stories to help them to understand the text type and its conventions. They have then demonstrated this knowledge in the creation of their own short stories which included a written explanation to outline their creative choices. Students have also entered the colourful world of Victorian London through their study of A Christmas Carol.

Year 10

This year students have experienced Stories told in other ways, a new course in English that has seen them explore a wide range of tropes in Literature. They have analysed the transformation of well-known stories through their study of The Sleeper and the Spindle, Six Impossible Things and selected Greek myths from Mythos. They have also developed a writing folio where they have written for a range of different purposes and audiences.

Students in English are to be congratulated for their efforts in Semester 1, especially their preparedness to take risks, and collaboration with their peers and teachers. We wish our Year 10 and 11 students all the very best as they embark upon their mid-year exams.

There will be a spotlight on VCE English, Literature and English Language in future newsletters.

Anne Morrison
English Learning Leader