Four students involved in Social Justice and Student Leadership represented OLMC Heidelberg at the Banyule Youth Summit on Thursday 25 May. Students had the opportunity to discuss topics including gender equality, consent, mental health, racism, youth voice and climate change. Congratulations to Katelyn D. (12CTKI), Tiffany M. (9GTA), Alana P. (10CSGP) and Elena S. (9GTA) for representing the College with maturity and drive to be the voice for young people.

‘My name is Katelyn and I was on the Youth Voice table. We discussed many things relevant to our generation such as the lack of representation in local government and council municipalities. This resulted in the recommendation of a Youth Council or Shadow Council being put forward to Banyule for consideration. This recommendation would involve having 10-15 local young people form an advisory council that would discuss youth issues and local communal problems. The day was overwhelmingly successful and it was amazing to hear from so many different people and build on their ideas. The best part was definitely the round table discussion, which gave each group substantial time to talk amongst themselves about the relevant topics. So many unknown issues were brought into the light and it was eye-opening to listen to other people's experiences. Overall, it was a brilliant day!’
Katelyn D. (12CTKI)

‘The Banyule Youth Summit was an incredible opportunity to speak to a diverse range of people from several schools about issues that are important to young people. I was at the table discussing Youth Voice and sharing ideas with others regarding what the Banyule Council could do to combat the lack of representation of young people and build awareness around challenges associated with this. The day culminated in my team delivering our suggestions to politicians and key decision makers. I hope to attend the event again in the future as it was a very positive experience.'
Tiffany M. (9GTA)

‘The Banyule Youth Summit was a very enriching and valuable experience. I was a part of the Climate Change group and it was really enlightening to hear the shared experiences of other youth, especially regarding aspects of the climate crisis such as climate anxiety, influence, overconsumption and our desire for real change that comes with a deadline and a clear aim. We discussed many areas of the climate crisis and suggested solutions not only for Banyule but ideas for how to implement sustainable practices in our own school. The day also included other activities such as henna, making Indigenous art, taking home a native plant and live music! There were many important people from Banyule City Council and even a member from the Greens who came and it was a great opportunity to make connections and ask questions. Overall the day was great and definitely worth the homework catch-up!’
Alana P. (10CSGP)

Lauren Marquet
Social Justice Coordinator